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Dedicated to the memory of the man who gave Mother Meera to the world

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Mother Meera has opened a school for small children in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India. The school will provide a home and an education for children who would otherwise have no means to obtain it.

Opening of Mother Meera"s school

Opening of Mother Meera's school, Madanapalle, India

There are already children enrolled in the school, ranging in age from 3-14, all receiving their education under Mother's care and guidance. More children will be accepted each semester as space permits.

Mother Meera with the children

Mother Meera with the children, Madanapalle, India

Mother Meera is looking for people to help teach the children at Her school in India on a volunteer basis. In addition, She is looking for medical doctors who would be willing to volunteer their time and services for the surrounding community. Gardeners and architects are also welcome.

If you are interested in living in Madanapalle, India, and working in one of these capacities, please send an email to madanapalle@japa24.de describing your background, qualifications and interest. Specifically, we would like to know if you have been to India before, and if so, where in India, when and for how long. Please include your contact information and a picture of yourself in your email. Because these are volunteer positions, you may offer your services short term or long term, depending upon your individual circumstances.

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dard se mera daaman

This is another of my alltime favorates. Origianly sung by Lata Mangeshkar
it is from a Movie called Henna. This version I somehow like also, its from a songcontest which Sanjeevani won. I heard this music first when I was visiting Lucknow 15 yrs back. The tune reminded me of a slow indian train. It is very touching, and the lyrics are reminiscent of Hari Tum Haro. The song is composed by Jagjit Singh, and the album is Sajda. Another song I lked on this album was Allah janta Hai

dard se mera daaman bharde, ya allah
phir chahe deewana karde, ya allah

(Fill my lap with pain, and make me insane if you desire)

maine tujh se chand sitare kab mange,
roushan dil, bedaar nazar de, ya allah

(I never asked you for moon or stars, But give me a heart that is enlightened and eyes that are lit)

suraj si ek cheez to hum sab dekh chuke,
sachmuch ki ab koi saher de, ya allah

(We have all seen the sun, But show us now a dawn that is for real)

ya dharti ke zakhmon per marham rakhde,
ya mera dil patthar kar de, ya allah

(Take away the pains of this earth, Or make my heart into a stone)
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This is music from the famous Meera movie of 1945, where M.S. Subbulakshmi played Meera and sang all the songs.The first is a new recording of a Hindi version, the second and third are from the original Tamil film. Meera or Mira respectively was a Rajput princess who lived in the 16th/17th century and was an ardent Krishna devotee. She left innumerable lyrics of songs she had composed to Krishna. It is said that she finally merged with Krishna, in one of the famous temple statues. She lived in what is today Rajasthan and Gujerat. MS Subbulakshmi died 2 years ago
Hari Tuma Haro

"Gandhi particularly wanted to hear "Hari Tuma Haro" whose haunting refrain translates, "Oh Lord, take away the pain from mankind." Not knowing this bhajan she suggested another singer, but he refused, saying he would rather hear her speak the words than another sing them."

"SUBBULAKSHMI learned and recorded the song the night of September 30th, finishing at 2 a.m. The disc, sent off by plane, was played on what was to be Gandhi's last birthday. Three months later he was dead by an assassin's bullet. When the announcement of his death was reported over the radio, it was followed by the playing of SUBBULAKSHMI’s recording of "Hari Tuma Haro." Hearing her own voice singing his favorite bhajan was unnerving and SUBBULAKSHMI finds to this day that "Hari Tuma Haro" brings a flood of memories of that tragic time."


giridhara gOpAla

enadhu uLLame

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One of my favorite Bollywood songs. You could say my soundtrack of the last half year, while jogging, while driving


ishq bina kya marna yaaro ishq bina kya jiina... What is dying, without love? What is living, without love?
guD se miiTHa ishq ishq Love is sweeter than raw sugar;
imlii se khaTTa ishq ishq love is more bitter than tamarind.
vaada yeh pakka ishq ishq This love is a solemn promise;
dhaaga yeh kachcha ishq ishq this love is an elemental bond.
niiche ishq hai uupar rab hai in dono.n ke biich me.n sab hai... Above is God; below is love; and between these two exists everything...
ek nahii.n sab baate.n kar lo sau baato.n ka ek matlab hai Discuss not one thing, but everything; in the end, all discussions have but one meaning.
rab sabse sona ishq ishq rab se bhii sona ishq ishq... God is more beautiful than everything; but love is even more beautiful than God.
hiira na panna ishq ishq Neither diamond nor gold; simply love.
bas ek hii tamanna ishq ishq Only one desire: love.
bas ek tamanna Just one desire.
ishq hai kya yeh kisko pataa What is love? Who knows?
yeh ishq hai kya sab ko pataa Yet, at the same time, everyone knows what love is.
yeh prem nagar anjaan Dagar This city of love lies down an unfamiliar road;
saajan ka ghar ka kisko khabar who knows anything about your beloved's home?
chhoTii sii umar yeh la.mba safar A short little while, or a very long journey;
yeh ishq hai kya yeh kisko pata who in the world knows what love is?
yeh dard hai yaa dardo.n kii davaa Is it pain, or is it the cure for pain?
yeh koii sanam yaa aap khuda... Is this a lover, or is it you, God?
tuune ishq ka naam sunaa hai You have heard the name of love,
hamne ishq kiya hai but I have been in love.
phuulo.n ka gulshan ishq ishq A garden of flowers: love
kaa.nTo.n ka daaman ishq A skirt full of thorns: love
phuulo.n ka gulshan ishq ishq A garden of flowers: love
kaa.nTo.n ka daaman ishq A skirt full of thorns: love


na jaane dil vich kii aaya Who knows what possessed my heart?
ek prem piyaala pii aaya I drank down a cup of love
mai.n jii aaya mai.n jii aaya and began to live fully
ek prem piyaala pii aaya I drank down a cup of love
ramta jogii ramta jogii... Wandering yogi...
mai.n prem da pyaala pii aaya... I drank down a cup of love...
ek pal me.n sadiyaa.n jii aaya in one moment, I lived centuries!
mai.n pii aaya... I drank it up...
mai.n jii aaya I started to really live...
ramta jogii ramta jogii Wandering yogi
tuu ramta jogii tuu ramta jogii You are a wandering wiseman,
tuu prem da pyaala pii aaya come before us having drunk down a draught of love.
ae tere dil vich kii aaya Oh, your heart was possessed;
ramta jogii ramta jogii wandering yogi
yeh jog liya kis kaaraN For what reason did you become a yogi?
yeh rog liya kis kaaraN Why did you contract this illness?
o ek jogan baiTHii basti me.n O, a wisewoman was hanging around the neighborhood,
ek mauj uTHii to mastii me.n and a wave of ecstasy swept over me.
dil bhii aaya mai.n pii aaya My heart was overwhelmed, and I drank!
mai.n prem pyaala pii aaya I drank down a cup of love;
mai.n pii aaya mai.n jii aaya I drank, and I began to live.
mai.n prem pyaala pii aaya I drank down a cup of love;
mai.n jii aaya I started to really live...
tuu ramta jogii tuu ramta jogii You are a wandering wiseman.
man me.n lagan yeh jagii jag chhuuTa When this desire arose in my mind, I renounced the world.
jag chhuuTa jiya bairaagii I renounced the world for the life of an ascetic.
yeh baat vahaa.n tak na pahu.nchii Nothing affects me;
yeh choT jiya tak na lagii no wound can strike my heart;
yeh dard zabaan tak na aaya I don't give voice to pain.
yeh tere dil vich kii aaya This heart of yours was overwhelmed.
saarii madhushaala pii aaya I drank the entire bar's worth
ek pal me.n sadiyaa.n jii aaya in one moment, I lived centuries!
mai.n pii aaya... I drank it up...
mai.n jii aaya I started to really live...
ramta jogii ramta jogii wandering yogi
tuu ramta jogii tuu ramta jogii You are a wandering wiseman,

Source of Lyrics:http://www.bollywhat.com/lyrics/taal_lyr.html
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To see children in India is always a joyous experience. These was taken with my cellphone on Ganesh Chaturthi, there was a natural atmosphere of celebration.

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This is what I heard from Mothers office: There will be Darshan until 15 October 2007 in Germany. Then Darshan continues from 2 November to the 7th January 2007. From the 8th January - 28th February 2008 there will be a break.  There is continuos Darshan every day from 21st December - 31st December, but reservations are necessary. This is all regarding Germany.
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Now I have a little more time to write again. First of all give you a little feedback from London and Edinburgh (where I haven't been, but I will soon leave for India) Darshans have been a huge success from all what I hear. Since I have more time, I have been running more. I am not sure how many kms exactly, but I guess, from my experience of running with a friend, that my latest route is about 10 kms. Not every day, but at least every second day now, and when Ma is back 2 x a week. Quite a chellenge if I think just how much I could run only a year ago when I started. And its all going uphill downhill all the time.

'Much has happened over the past few days and boy did I need a cleansing! and a cleansing I got! We went to see Mother Meera yesterday, got there at 2pm and had darshan at around 5! Hundreds of people, young, old, sick, healthy, people from all over the world queued and waited to be touched and glanced upon by Mother Meera. It was a special occasion for me, I heard about Mother Meera when I was in school, picked up a book in the local library and heck some 10 years later I end up kneeling before her being immersed in a silence I could not comprehend. She just sits there for hours on end seeing hundreds of people, there is no money involved just her blessings and know matter how sceptical you are there is no room for doubt about her willingness to give and give and give...

Some people see various lights etc around her and some have some far out experiences, for me I just thought to be open and receive her blessings without the need for sight and sound stuff. I've been thinking more about her ever-since and to have a darshan just a week before my b(earth)day was great! I also prayed to receive darshan for my entire family both past, present and also for possible little (me's) in the future.
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A very enthusiastic person writes in a TM related forum:

I just got back form seeing Mother Meera for the first time in New York. I waited 10 years to see her and she was incredible as well as the way the whole operation of the Darshan. Finally, there is a teacher that can have at least 400 people at a time sitting in silence for up to three hours. I have been told by St. Anthony that she is a seventh dimensional teacher. Very rare...The times are changing and I believe that Mother Meera along with other teachers are providing the opportunity of changing with the present times... It is time to gather in groups that are working with the present calling. Bringing people together in silence. If you haven't seen Mother Meera yet and experienced her darshan along with the group darshan of silence I highly recommend it. Without a work spoken she delivers the message of wisdom.

My website is slowly coming along. Now I think I got the basic layout, and a bio-page and Travel/Darshan Guide. Have a look!

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Here's another Blogentry from NY (basically very positive, even though it doesn't sound so at the beginning)

She has some amazingly intense and beautiful eyes.

While her hands were on my lobes untying the knots in my white strings (google this for an explanation, not sure I quite get it) I did feel a release in my lower back. Of course, I was trying to be really open, so I likely was just getting relaxed. The gazing was kind of intense but relaxed. I wanted to smile, but I thought I shouldn't. Afterwards, I had a splitting headache, but still felt very relaxed.

All in all, it was a very relaxing and pleasant experience. Her followers were older and more conservative looking than I am used to at these things (her website says to dress normally). Also, I was surprised at how few people there were, given how much I've read on her. Of course they do limit the crowds, as you have to have a reservation for darshan.

Anyway, my headache is gone, and I am glad I went. Let's see what happens next.


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I just put my my new Mother Meera Photo Gallery online. Lot of work, I had to scan everything in, often from offset print copies. Explore and enjoy!

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